Chasing Waterfalls at Erawan National Park (Erawan Falls)

January 26, 2015|Posted in: Thailand

Known as a contender for the most beautiful falls in , Erawan falls is located at Erawan National Park, around 90 mins outside of Kanchanaburi. The waterfalls themselves are named after the ‘erawan’ – the three headed white elephant of Hindu mythology.


Many tourism centres along the main strip of Kanchanaburi offer day trips to the Falls and you can even hire your own personal taxi to charter you too and from the park for around 1200 – 1500 Baht (around £24 – £30). However, on a backpackers budget that would mean I would have to give up both food and bed, so instead, the fairly economical way is to take the public bus from Kanchanaburi’s bus station. From here you catch the number 8170 bus for 50 Baht (one way). The bus is *supposed* to leave every hour on the hour, but this is Thailand. We rocked up at 8.20 and managed to get the last 3 seats on the 8 o’clock bus! There is also a stop opposite the train station next to the 7-11 but, if the bus is full, you WILL be standing.

The journey takes around an hour and a half, with some nice scenery on the way. The entrance fee for the park itself is 200 baht (for foreigners) which is collected whilst you are still on the bus and exchanged for an entrance ticket. You’re then dropped off at the visitor’s centre where you can then head straight for the falls.

In total there are 7 ‘levels’ of the waterfall, but there are a few smaller ones between the main 7. Each level is signposted with directions. The first 4 levels have a clear path and although there are quite a few steps up from 3 to 4 it’s not too difficult. Level 4 was the busiest pool because of the natural waterslide that the water had carved into the rocks. Past level 4, things get a little bit tougher, with the walk becoming more of a trek. It is a little hard going and I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it in flip flops (although a lot of people did!) From level 1 to 7 it probably took us around an hour and a half. On the way back down, and after a LOT of sweating, we chose to take a dip in level 3 (which has the highest fall). No one else was swimming so we had our own private pool for a while!


Swimming in Level 3 – a great way to cool off and wash off the sweat from the climb to the top!

On a side note: if you hang around in the shallows of the pool your likely to come across some fish that are a little too interested in eating the dead skin off of your feet. Not like the cute little ones you see in the fish spas. These things are huge! However, the deeper you go into the pool, the more they leave you alone!


Tranquil blue waters – fish pedicure included!

After taking a dip, eating some lunch and drying off a bit, we decided to catch the 2 o’clock bus back to town. The last bus apparently leaves at 4 o’clock and can be packed so we decided against that. If you get a chance, it’s definitely worth taking a day trip here from Kanchanaburi. It wasn’t too busy either with most of the locals staying to the bottom 2 levels.

What do you think? Have you seen any other falls in Thailand that beat these? So far this is my favourite day trip in Thailand, just for the views, and a break from the Thai heat to take a dip in the refreshing cold pools!

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    did you find anything close to erawan fall to stay Amy ?
    Nice brief report by the way

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