My Top 10 Moments of 2014

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It’s now 2015. Wow. And in two weeks I’ll be boarding a plane to start my travels in . Last year was a rather strange one, from moving back home to starting this blog, but all in all it’s been a great one. So I thought I’d commemorate it by compiling my moments of 2014!

1) Reading Festival


Being children in the funhouse at Reading Festival!

Spending 4 days in a tent in an overcrowded field with people who look like they should still be in school is not for some. But (excluding the Mango Sourz incident…) it was a brilliantly vodka fuelled, mosh-pit crashing long weekend.

2) Winning VIP tickets to V-festival


I’m pretty good at winning crap. Chocolates and wine are always the normal prizes. But after making up a rather awesome rap on Twitter for a competition I managed to blag myself 2 VIP tickets to this year’s V-festival. Having never been, myself and Neil trekked up to Stafford and camped in a field for 3 nights, drinking vodka, singing Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack at the top of our voices and watching Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran produce some awesome sets.

3) Dressing up as Superheroes


I’m not one for dressing up. Only because of the cost to buy a costume usually annoys me, so when a friend decided to hold a Superhero themed party, I decided that I would make my own with a £10 limit and, I must admit, I did it pretty well! I went as a rather obscure hero named Darkstar. The party was brilliant, filled with hero/villain cocktails, snacks and games!

4) Weekend away in Brighton


After a trip to Southampton in 2012, a group of us vowed to go on another jaunt, and this year we chose to go to Brighton! We got a brilliant deal on AirBnB for a cute little flat about 25 minutes’ walk from the seafront. After spending a night in (with too much wine – and Ouzo for some) we spent the next day relaxing by the seafront, eating chips and dodging seagulls

5) Walking 100km from London to Brighton for charity


At the finish line with our celebratory Champagne!

Yes. It’s not a typo, 100km. Or 64 miles if you’re that way inclined. Back in 2013 I attempted to walk from London to Brighton in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society – a cause close to my heart. Unfortunately, I injured my foot at 45km and couldn’t finish the course. So this year I vowed to finish! Myself, David and my stepdad, Stu, finished the course in 29 hours and 2 minutes! It was one of the most emotionally, physically and mentally challenging things I have ever done. I was exhausted, battered and bruised, but I felt so accomplished and proud of our achievement it definitely had to be included in the list.

6) Cheap shots, Karaoke and chasing sheep in Manchester


Trying to catch a sheep…and failing

I love Manchester. There’s so much to do and see, and because of the cheapness of the north it far beats London. It’s just a shame it’s filled with annoying Mancunians. Best thing, except or the ridiculous food, is the 50p shots and Karaoke bar with a yard of shots. Oh wait, I said shots twice. *re-thinks life priorities*

7) Quitting my Job

Ahh. This is something everyone looks forward to doing when organising a long-term trip. And the fact that I wasn’t just quitting to replace it with another job made it that much more awesome! Many asked why I didn’t want to ask for a ‘year-off’, but in all honesty, it was time to move on. I had outgrown the role, I had different priorities and wanted to see what I could do on my own two feet.

8) Booking my one-way ticket out of the UK

I remember stepping into the STA Travel branch in Reading and asking them to book the one-way ticket to Bangkok. The guy was pretty shocked, and also crazy jealous as to the random-ness of my decision. That’s when I knew I couldn’t go back. It was official.

9) My last Christmas at home for a while

Because I have no idea when I’ll be home for Christmas, we decided to celebrate at home with just the 3 of us. I cooked ALL of the Christmas dinner and I must say, it was bloody amazing. It was lovely spending time eating yummy food, watching crappy movies and generally having a relaxing day.

10) Spending the year with some amazing people


This year has been full of some amazing times, from birthdays to Christmas gatherings, to random outings, and it has been made brilliant by being surrounding by the most amazing people. I will miss each and every one of them whilst I’m away. You know who you are!

There you have it. My quick round up of 2014! This time next year I’ll be in a whole different country, with an extremely crazy year under my belt, and I can’t wait to share it all with you! What was your best 2014 moment?

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  1. Dave
    January 1, 2015

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    I enjoyed this post but spotted a typo, you meant ‘awesome Mancunians’

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