My ‘Top 50 Things to Do Before I’m 30’ Bucketlist

June 5, 2014|Posted in: Bucketlists, Misc

*UPDATE JUNE 2016* – After spending 18 months travelling around Asia/Australasia it seems I’ve crossed off a fair bunch of the list I originally made in 2014!

So, last weekend, I turned 24. Not a very significant age most may say, especially when my own mother turned the big 5-0 four days after. It’s still not even a quarter of a century old, and yet I can still feel that I am growing ever closer to 30. Slightly depressing, especially when I realise how I was only 21 three years ago. WTF. In my ever increasingly depressive (and slightly hungover) state, I decided I needed a bucketlist. Or a list of things to do before I’m 30. Because, why not?

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll already know I’ve ticked a few things off my list already, but this is for the future. Something to keep me motivated to follow what I love doing. For me to look back in 6 years and say, “Well done. You actually got off your backside and followed your dreams!”

So here it is, my ‘Top 50 things to do before I’m 30’ bucketlist:

1)      Sky Dive – I’ve now done two sky dives as of 2016. The first was 15,000ft at Mission Beach in , the second was at 12,000ft at Lake Taupo, New Zealand!

2)      Visit Hobbiton (New Zealand) – I visited this on my 26th birthday!

3)      Bungee Jump

4)      Swim with Dolphins

5)      Cage dive with Great White Sharks

6)      Go on Safari

7)      Wash an Elephant

8)      Learn a language (a conversational level)

9)      Eat sushi in Japan

10)  Take a cookery class in Asia – Took a class in at Siam Rice Cooking School

11)  Learn to scuba dive – Achieved this to Advanced in Koh Tao, Thailand

12)  Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef  – Spent a total of 3 weeks diving on the GBR!

13)  Climb the Inca Trail

14)  Visit Maccu Picchu

15)  See the Great Pyramids of Egypt

16)  Visit the Valley of the Kings

17)  Take a cruise down the River Nile

18)  Learn Yoga somewhere exotic (i.e. Bali)

19)  Take surfing lessons

20)  Stand up on a surf board – I also fell off a lot. Learnt at Spot X, Byron Bay. 

21)  See New Year’s Eve from a different city – Saw the near year of 2016 roll in from , Australia <3

22)  Spend Christmas on the beach  – Spent it on Coogee Beach with some amazing friends.

23)  Eat pizza/pasta (and everything else) in Italy – in fact change that one to gain 10 pounds in Italy…!

24)  Get a random tattoo – Managed to get a compass tattoo in Pai, Thailand

25)  Place a bet in Las Vegas (and not get addicted to gambling…)

26)  Go to a Full Moon Party

27)  Take park in Songkran (Thai New Year = massive 3 day water fight!)

28)  Dance in Rio Carnival

29)  See a panda in China

30)  Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

31)  River tubing in Viang Vieng, Laos – So much vodka for £1! February 2016

32)  Visit the Taj Mahal

33)  Drink Guiness in Ireland

34)  Ride a horse along the beach

35)  Walk along the Great Wall of China

36)  See the Terracotta Warriors

37)   Watch the sunrise over Ankor Wat, Cambodia – Beautiful temple, shame about the selfie sticks!

38) Cruise around Halong Bay, Vietnam – Spent 3 days on a private island in Halong Bay back in March 2015

39) Drink coffee in New York City

40) Trek to the summit of a mountain (Maybe not Everest….)

41) Travel on a sleeper train – Took the train from Thailand to Malaysia – also interviewed for Japanese TV in PJs

42) See the Northern Lights

43) Stay in an Ice Hotel

44) Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

45) Visit the Roman Colluseum

46) Stargazing in the Sahara

47) Live abroad for more than a year – Lived in Australia for a year and spent 18 months overseas altogether

48) Drink too much beer at Oktoberfest

49) Ride a motorcycle off the beaten track in SE Asia – Took a motorbike through the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

50) Road trip across the USA

There’s is SO much more I could add to this list, but for 6 years, I think this list will keep me pretty busy! I guess when I get to 30, I can add another 50 to do before I’m 40…!

So there it is, this is my bucketlist, but do you guys have anything on your lists? Or do you have any stories about completing a list like this? I’d love to here them! Comment below 🙂

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  1. Dave
    June 5, 2014

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    Number 50 definitely needs to be done in a Mustang or other American convertible 🙂

  2. Jeff Grace
    November 17, 2014

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    Great List…I would take get a random tattoo of the list and add a cruise to Antarctica though…haha…albeit I am already 30 though…good luck and have fun…
    Jeff Grace recently posted…Our 10 Favorite Beaches In The WorldMy Profile

    • Amy Adams
      November 20, 2014

      Leave a Reply

      Oo! A cruise to Antarctica! Might have to do a part 2 to my list… That’s a good one!

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