The Ultimate Full Moon Party Survival Guide!

April 21, 2014|Posted in: Thailand

I was actually not that bothered about going to the Full Moon Party before I left for . I’d heard a wide range of stories from other travellers, as well as people who hadn’t actually been before! And most of them were pretty negative, which is a shame – but I guess anywhere with over 10,000 young (and old!) revellers congregating on one , it is always going to get a bad rep! But, once on Koh Tao and getting a taste of the awesome, yet still relatively small beach parties held on Sairee Beach (more on that later) I kind of got a taste of this extravagant party lifestyle, and the neon paint called to me! So, I booked a room for 4 of us on our tour group (at quite a nice hotel, for about £50 each – bit much but we weren’t sure if there would be any hostels available!) and then headed off via ferry (on a horribly bumpy journey) to the of Koh Phangan!

Once we arrived we ushered into a minibus and were taken to our hotel. As luck would have it, we had a HUGE room, with decent beds AND it was right on the main beach! Win! (That is, until I realised our room was right next to a D’n’B disco that only stopped playing music at 7am!!) So, after grabbing some food, cooing over some rather cute husky puppies and buying ourselves some cheap booze at the ever present 7-11 stores – donning the glow-sticks and neon paints we headed to Haad Rin beach for the main event. The first thing you will notice is the vast amount of stalls trying to sell you buckets of alcohol. We found them to be rather pricey on the beach so decided our bottle of vodka would do (that was until it wandered off…!)

(Beware of the buckets. Although they are a good source of alcohol, they are also pretty lethal!)


The ever awesome Sang Som & Red Bull bucket!

Full Moon Party!

The atmosphere was like nothing else! Stages, DJ’s, neon paints, fire shows, mushroom mountain (ahem). If you don’t like the music at one section, walk 1 metre to your left or right, and you’ll find something completely different! Obviously, there were a lot of drunken people, and you have to be weary of others around you – including the Thai locals.

This is one of the best places to meet random people from all over the world. And I guarantee all parties in the future will never live up to this!

But, with that being said, I thought I’d list a few hints and tips, for safety’s sake if you DO plan on going:

1)      Don’t take any valuables with you!

They’ll get nicked. They’ll get dropped. You’ll be thrown in the sea. Water and electrical objects don’t mix well unfortunately. Make sure you only have enough money on you to last the evening – don’t take anything you don’t need.

2)      If you’re in a group – don’t panic TOO much if you get separated.

It’s a VERY large beach, and if you’re all immersed in talking to random people, it’s hard to keep track of one another! Make sure if you do get worried, have a meeting place and stick by it – and they will soon turn up!

3)      Make sure you know the name of your hotel/hostel etc.

Although you’ll see a lot of people passed out on the beach, it’s probably not the best way to spend the morning – more chance of being robbed and even worse attacked. If you start to feel sleepy/too drunk to stand, go back to the hotel!

4)      Lock all your valuables up in the dorm/hotel.

You never know!

5)      Make sure you book a few days at the Island (before and after!).

We made the horrible mistake of having to catch the ferry the next morning! This was NOT fun. Hungover bumpy ferry rides do not make for a good time! Also, there’s so much to see of the Island, it would be a waste.

6)      Do not, for any reason, do any drugs!

It may sound like fun, but ALL drugs are illegal in Thailand and you will end up with one hefty prison sentence. It has been known for Thai locals  around the beach to rat you out to the police or even themselves be ‘undercover’ cops.  Just beware.

7)      Keep away from the fire jump rope!

Again, it looks like brilliant fun…until you get soaked in gasoline and burnt to crap!

8)      Wear footwear.

This was the first thing a girl on our tour told us before the party. There is a LOT of broken glass and other random crap littered around just waiting to get stuck in your foot! And believe me, from experience as a young kid getting a bit of wood stuck between my toes – it is NOT fun! And will ultimately lead to a hospital visit if it becomes infected!

All that being said, it’s all about common sense. But, relax and enjoy the atmosphere!

Amy at Full Moon Party

I survived! Complete with neon paint and buckets galore!

Do you have something more to add to the ultimate Full Moon Party survival guide? Or have you been to a party and had a good or bad experience? Let me know by commenting below!


*All photos courtesy of Andrina McCallum :)

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